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Web development with your vision in mind. Modern web development requires more work than just creating a beautiful website. One should understand the importance of search engine optimization, user experience, page optimization, etc to build a website that not only shines but gets your business.

Talk with our web development Team Contact us Now!

Web development with your vision in mind. Modern web development requires more work than just creating a beautiful website. One should understand the importance of search engine optimization, user experience, page optimization, etc to build a website that not only shines but gets your business.

Our web development company knows how to make use of all necessary aspects and create a web solution for your company that speaks for your brand. Our services include building eCommerce solutions for our clients that excel not only in design but usability, building WordPress websites, working on creative ideas to give your website a personal touch, or custom programming services to help you get to your desired goal.

So what do you need, just a plain website to get started with your online business or a more sophisticated one to build a brand name for your company?

You can discuss your ideas with our web design and development team and get your vision turned into reality.

WordPress Development

Do You Know?

More than 35% of all websites are built on WordPress because it is easy to use and user friendly.

WordPress based websites are SEO friendly and provide user-friendly CMS that helps in updating changes to the website on the go. Some factors that make WordPress websites the target of many businesses are:

HTML Responsive Web Design Approach

If your goal is to grow your business, then creating a website keeping web browsers in mind should not be your only focus. According to the stats, above 50% of all traffic on websites comes from a mobile phone that points towards the necessity of building a mobile-friendly website.

This is where CSS and HTML responsive web design comes into play. Responsive web design is an approach to provide users an optimal and equally amazing experience of websites no matter what device is being used to access it. Whether the user visits your website from a Windows, Android, macOS, iOS, or any other operating system or device, it will work as flawlessly and functional as possible.

We, CreatWebsite make use of RWD to create websites that work flawlessly on all devices and provide a better user experience. Some of the benefits of using Responsive web design are mentioned below:

Your Vision Come Alive

A visually good website is key to more business. That being said, we have a team of graphic designers who knows how to bring your vision to reality as well as convey your brand message to your audience.

From selecting color schemes to typography and other graphics, we will help you with each and every step to build a website that speaks with its creative look. Our professional graphic designers will work on the given below things:

The Right Web Hosting For Your Website

Choosing the right web host for your website can help you grow your online business tremendously. Many people make a mistake of trusting anyone and then suffer the consequences afterward. Getting business from a website with bad hosting is like asking for money from a penniless. Nonetheless, what are we for? We are a website development agency that knows exactly what your business needs and how to take you to your set goals. We offer managed web hosting services that are not only tailored to your business but also affordable. From managing email hosting, software updates, servers, to support, everything will be in our hand and we assure to do it the best way possible.

Your website, whether a sophisticated eCommerce shop or some local business, will be professionally managed by our team with equal priority. Moreover, security will never be the factor that will concern you with our web development services as we monitor our systems and software regularly.

Web Designs Backed With SEO

While web design helps a website leave a never forgetting experience on its visitor, SEO is essential for attracting traffic. Of course, you first need customers to visit you then only you can show them why you are the best. Our SEO team ensures that the website we built for you is Seo friendly in all ways possible. Given below are some of the strategies we follow to make your website Search engine friendly.

Modern Coding Practices

Utilizing the best and modern coding practices, we built a website on HTML5 and CSS3 that are clean and adhere to SEO.

Optimized Web Loading

According to Google, 50% of the visitors leave a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. If you want more business, then your website should stick to Google’s ideal speed time. A two-second delay in your website loading speed leads to an 87% abandonment rate. Our website development team makes sure that your website loads as fast as possible and stays close to the ideal loading speed.

Mobile-Friendly Websites

Since 50% of all website traffic comes from mobile browsers, you can’t ignore or compromise that many customers. We build websites that work perfectly on all devices, no matter if it is a PC or a mobile phone. This way, you won’t lose a single visitor and you will get more business.

Site Architecture

Your website should be user friendly, easy to navigate, as well as interactive. A good website architecture helps users and search engines find your portal easily.


Our Web Development Strategy

Developing a website starts with ideas and determination to turn your vision into reality. It starts with you, the one who started the business and can go to any extent to achieve your set goals. Our Web development agency works in collaboration with you to create a website just as you wanted that would not only shine bright but also get your business.

  1. It starts with you

  2. No one knows your business better than you which is why our first step toward creating your website is understanding your goals. What are your needs, how you want your website to be, how your business works, your brand idea, etc are the key elements we will understand first and then only start the work on your project.

  3. . Developing a Strategy

  4. After understanding your vision and your business, we’ll outline a strategy for your project. This way you’ll have a clear idea about how much more work is left or how much is done on your website, how you can contribute to it, and when will the final product be ready.

  5. A Draft Of Your Website

  6. Next, we will prepare wireframe and then mockup of your website keeping your requirements and vision in mind so that you can get a rough idea and guide us what you like and what you will like instead. Not only that we will make sure that the website is designed in a way it can leave an impression on your visitors and eventually grow your business.

  7. Web Development

  8. Once, you’ll approve a mockup, it will be sent to our website development team to put life into the draft. We utilize up to date coding practices to create a website that can be called absolutely perfect.

  9. Eliminating Errors and Assuring Quality

  10. Before we put our amazing work to live, we make sure that it is up to its expectations. Our development teams will run checks on your website for any glitches or errors and correct them beforehand to make it error-free.

  11. Get Set Go Live

  12. Once, your website has passed the quality checks, it’s time for the world to see it. Our work doesn’t end there, we will be monitoring your new website after it goes live for a while to ensure that it is giving optimal performance.

Client Review

I’m really happy with my website built by CreatWebsite. It is exactly how I imagined it plus more. From design to performance and quality, I find everything as perfect as possible. Moreover, the developer team I got assigned was very responsive, they didn’t give me a reason to complain and were open to my suggestions.

At first, I thought I made the designer confused with so many requests but he kept everything organized and created a website that was attractive and crisp. It is the hard work of the CreatWebsite team that gave me a professional look and opened the door of growth for my business.

Digital Marketing To Take Your Website To Heights

From the very starting i.e. from creating a plan for your project to launching your website, we make sure to follow all the SEO practices. After all, to be able to get business your website should rank in the search engine not just look pretty.

We at CreatWebsite are not just a team of developers but designers, writers, SEO experts, and we all along help you get more and more online business from your online presence. After launching your website online, we continue to work on it to keep you getting fresh traffic, leads, and increase your ROI.

Our SEO services will get you:

  • More traffic
  • Higher rank
  • Quality leads

Our Copywriters will help you:

  • Expand your brand awareness with effective content marketing
  • Convert your clients to paying clients
  • Sustain growth

Our PPC Service help your website:

  • Further your exposure
  • Get you instant results
  • Target right ads

We run Social Media campaign to:

  • Boost your visibility online
  • Further engage your customers
  • Get your business a brisk growth

Web Development Services To Cater All Your Needs

The first step towards online presence is indeed a website, it should be as perfect as it can be, it should be able to get you more business, but all of this is not possible without the active contribution of web designers, SEO strategists, developers, content writers and all.

With us, you can bring your vision alive and that too in an organized and simple way. We will create a website for you that is not only as you imagined but also a perfect example of all good things put together.

With a SEO friendly website, you will reach your targeted audience and increase your overall conversion rate.

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